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Life is a Game!

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This game is unique!


  • It's about your family;

  • It's made by you with questions, answers and photographs; 

  • Microfiber fabric board;

  • Distinctive wooden box;

  • Hand-painted pieces;

  • Delivered to your home.

Want to gather the family around a table having fun playing a game about your History?



  • Which was grandfathers's first car?

  • Who taught dad how to fish?

  • When did uncle returned from the army?

  • The possibilities are endless…

All families have History. Why not turn it into a game so you can have a small record of facts of your family members? A good way to impress older relatives with a game about their legacy.

The information uploaded in our forms is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

No person outside our organization has access to the uploaded information. Only people who work directly with the cards have small contact with the loaded content. You can read in detail how we treat the information in our Terms and Conditions.


The game is made by you for the ones who are closest. So it is done with care. The same care that we placed in Genetia in order to bring moments of sharing and joy within the family. 


Genetia is unique. Unique because it will not be produced any other like yours on this planet. After your order you will receive at home:

  • A distinctive wooden box;

  • Six hand-painted pieces and a die inside a stamped cloth bag;

  • Fabric board in printed microfiber;

  • Rules;

  • Two small wooden boxes with cards:

    1. Wooden box of 'Cousins' - Instruction cards that turn the game absolutely exciting;

    2. Wooden box with the questions made by you.

4 question categories:


  • Curiosities;

  • Free Theme;

  • Events;

  • Photography (Printed in the back of each card).

You have to upload questions answers and photographs.


Standard Genetia - 50 cards - 200 questions. 


For additional cards, please contact our crew.



Prepare your History. The best parts that everyone will want to remember. The curiosities that only a few know, many things yet to tell. Documented in memories, papers and photographs. Some to laugh, and others to cry. Ask the elder, look in the photo albums, ask grandmother and grandfather, if you are lucky to have them alive. They will like to shareand they will like your curiosity. Visit forgotten drawers. The magic of this research is resplendent. You will eventually discover thing that will enrich you and your own. All families are interesting and yours is no exception.

Steps to make your Genetia:


  • Click below in Buy My Genetia;

  • Fill in the fields;

  • Proceed to Payment:

  1. Paypal (The safest way to pay online);

  2. Wire Transfer.

  • Send us proof of payment to and we will send you an email with full instructions to make your Genetia.

  • When the informations is uploaded we will start production and then send Genetia to the address you filled on registration.

4 weeks to make your Genetia


You don't need to finish your game in a single session. Information will be saved in our servers for you to finish later.


Multiple Users

To make the game more interesting, we reccomend sharing the link sent to your email after registration. Ask some family members to help you building the questions, so you can have a more complete set of questions about your family.


Genetia price - €100,00

Delivery time - 10 week days


Want to offer Genetia as a Gift?

Take the opportunity to buy a Voucher with 12 months to make your Genetia!


Gift Voucher - €100,00

Delivery time - 2 week days

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The idea about Genetia came from a Christmas gift idea. A gift for the whole family. Surprised and sat everybody around a table in a fun and interested way. We wanted to share it with the world and created Genetia. You can do yours. The research will be exciting and the outcome will be rewarding. Imagine the face of the patriarch or matriarch of your family when they realize what it is. A game about their work! A work in constant evolution that will focus the attention of the entire family.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Many people have tried and liked. We hope you enjoy as well.